We considered using saltillo tiles on the main floor, but they were darker than we wanted. The upper end ceramic tiles had integral color and would have looked decent even after chipping. However, these tiles were actually more expensive ($5-6.00/ sq ft) than the real stone found at discount home centers. We also looked in to Terrazzo tiles ($6/sq ft), which are considered more ecologically sustainable than real stone, but these were out of our budget. We decided to go with a combination of discount travertine ($3.29-4.00/ sq ft) and marble ($2.50/sq ft)because we love real rock and we knew that we could cut and sand this substance. We are hoping to have the time and energy to create extensives rock and flotsum mosaics thoughout the main floor—similar to those we created in our home next to the river in Thornhollow.

The upper flooring will be Douglas fir 3” tongue and groove. There is a local supplier for this product that has very reasonable prices ($2-3 sq ft). The basement will be a cement slab with acid stain and polish finish.


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