The Basement:

The partial daylight basement is composed of Faswall, a commercial block composed of 85% recycled wood chips, mineral wool inserts and portland cement. These blocks are dry stacked and then filled with concrete. To finish the walls, the Faswall blocks were stuccoed and then covered with a layer of Thoroseal. The resulting 12” walls have an R-22 insulation value. Since this is a below-grade installation of Faswall, we will cover the outside of the wall with Delta-Drain before backfilling.

The Faswall was nice to work with. Although the blocks seemed a bit shaky at first, they stablized well after a few rows were stacked. The blocks were set from the corners in. We went up 6' with the walls, poored the cement, then went up to 10' from the footing. We set the vertical rebar every 2' and the horizontal every 16".

Because the building lot is zoned R-2, we are able to have a potential apartment within the house. The basement is designed as a future mother-in-law apartment with a separate entrance, bath, kitchen and laundry. We will be using it for dance and crafts.


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