Welcome to our little straw bale house site.

This project is a bank financed , urban infill, non-load bearing strawbale structure. The two story house sits on a full basement and is designed to maximize solar heat gain. Mechanically, the house incorporates electric radiant heat, a heat recovery system, and a whole house attic fan.

Pendleton is situated in a warm, arid region at the base of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon. Here, summer days are hot and evenings are cool and clear. Winter tends to bring little snow, moderate inversions and some fog as the clouds stack up against the mountains. The 50x100' site was chosen for its long southern exposure and its proximity to downtown, the river, parks and schools. The house was sited to minimize its footprint and maximize space for gardens. Two existing concrete structures (a garage and shed) from the early 1900s were incorporated into the overall design.

Check out the links to the left. The first few provide some general information about what we are up to with this project. The next group describes some aspects of the contruction in sequence.


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