Gary's Bike Log

I have another generation of the bike log script (v4) running. This one opens a csv file of ride times and distances, sums them and displays a graph or table of the last ten entries.

The graph loads with just an image link to the script as shown below.

The table is a little trickier, in that it requires an Apache's server side include (ssi) statement to load. I have been trying to find another way to do it, but haven't yet. The problem is that I want the table to appear in a regular html file, deposited there by the script.

Gary's Bike Log
Rate Time in Hours Total Miles date comment
16.51.33222011.05.29Ski-to-Sea Race
14.02.3532.822011.06.25Home to Dead Man Pass to Hillenbrands
15.02.00302011.06.27Doubletree Riverside to Lucky Peak Dam Boise ID
5.02.00102011.06.28Doubletree Riverside to Down Town Boise ID with Family
5.02.00102011.06.28Doubletree Riverside to Hyde Park Boise ID with Michelle
5.02.00102011.06.29Doubletree Riverside to Hyde Park Boise ID with Michelle
5.02.00102011.06.30Doubletree Riverside to Hyde Park Boise ID with Family
9.30.7572011.07.02Barnhart Rd with Ruby Maggie and John
17.21.74302011.07.05Echo Rd

Below is the html that calls a perl script for the graph and table above.
	<img src="">
	<!--#include file=""-->
Contact me for information about the perl code.
So, what's next?
I would like to enter data through a web page.
I would like to be able to view a variable number of entries.

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